Here is an easy guide to turn your blanket into a wearable hoodie so you don’t have to tuck yourself in your bed all day long. You can roam around anywhere with your cozy blanket still on by wearing blanket hoodie. This step by step guide helps you to make your winters warmer by making your blanket a sweatshirt. Imagine walking around your house with your blanket.

  1. Choose a fabric of your choice keeping in view your body measurements. It may be Sherpa or fleece depending upon the way you want to look in your hoodie.
  2. Fold the fabric into two layers and lay it on the board.
  3. Put your sweatshirt on the fabric and use marker to draw an outline according to your shirt size excluding the sleeves.
  4. The next step is to trace out the front and back neckline onto the fabric. It is important to mark the center of your fabric to cut a mark evenly.
  5. Fold the fabric into half to cut it out using a scissor. Now Sew the shoulder seams with sewing machine preferably electronic.
  6. Cut out the rectangular fabric according to the length of your sleeve. Mark the center of each sleeve from the shoulder end and match it to the shoulder seam. Now sew both the sleeves. The sewing may be difficult due to thick layer of fabric. While sewing use the thread of same color as your fabric.
  7. Moving on sew the sides of hoodie. Be careful with the width of seam.
  8. Now place the hood of your shirt folded sideways on the piece of fabric and draw the outline accounting for the seam. Sew the hood along the head curve.
  9. Mark the center of neckline at the back and align the head curve line of the hood with the center and sew the hood on the neckline.
  10. Finish of the edges by sewing. You can also add cuffs depending upon your choice.
  11. Hurray! Your blanket hoodie is ready.

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