Payment and Security


Considering the ease of payment and processing, we offer online payment options to its customers. All major debit and credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and American Express are available.

In order to ensure full protection, we also accept payments from PayPal.

Customers are advised to not send their debit or credit card-related private transaction information to our emails or other channels of customer support.


The following statements elaborate the Security of Payment Policy that we uphold for the monetary transaction-related safety of its customers:

  • In order to maintain the top standards of protection against fraud and security of transaction and payments, subjects all the credit and debit cardholders to the validation and authorization. we stay updated with the latest cyber-security regime and technical developments in the related fields. Trusted gateway of leading banks is used in the processing of the transactions. At their end, customers can also use advanced methods of securing their payments such as 3D secure system, in order to avoid No Card Present fraud schemes.
  • All-important precautionary measures are taken by us to ensure that the best possible security is provided for personal data when paying online. All details such as credit card number, name or address are encrypted for the sake of maximum security against any potential internet fraud.
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