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This is the primary Privacy Policy for  [hereinafter referred as ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘Oversized Blanket Hoodies’], for the services it provides, and for its associated online networks. We are conscious about the enhanced need for the respect of customer’s privacy, and thus take necessary measures to protect your personal information. Please read this Privacy Policy to learn more.

Our Principles:

  • does its utmost to secure the customer’s personal information that they share on this website or through other channels such as email or social media.
  • Unsolicited marketing emails are not sent to our visitors or customers. Only those who choose to subscribe to the latest updates will receive them.
  • The customers, however, will receive emails regarding queries about their orders or subscriptions, if the need arises.
  • Appropriate physical and cyber security is employed to protect your information.
  • In case we outsource any information security company, necessary background check is done to ensure that the engaged company has a reliable track record.
  • Since this site is publicly accessible via the internet, anything posted under the comment or review section will automatically be visible to the future visitors of that page.
  • Your personal data is only used for the purpose of processing of the orders, deliveries, shipment, returns and refunds.
  • is strict about being transparent regarding what information it collects and how it uses that information.

Data we collect:
Only the data you choose to share with us is collected by this website. Any unauthorized access of the information is strictly against the values and principles of the

The kind of information that you decide to share here includes: emails through which we can reach you, address to which your order is dispatched, name, gender, telephone number, mobile number and bank account number.

We will use this information to carry out the shipment of your ordered product, resolve your queries, carry out the transaction for refunds, receive the returned product, and send you the promotional offers, in case you opt for it.

Our valued customers can sign out, at any time, from any program they signed up for previously.

It is not a mandatory requirement to accept the cookies in order to use this website. A visitor may decline the request for cookies by simply clicking on the panel. However, it is imperative to point out that some enhanced functionality of this website will be affected if the visitor decides to deactivate the cookies.

Security: places state of the art and latest technology to secure the personal information of the visitors and customers on this site. The data customers decide to share on this website is collected through the secure servers. Much of the advanced security service is outsourced from the specialized network security companies.

Your rights
Our customers and visitors have the right to request any particular action regarding their personal data. A customer me request a permanent deletion of their information from our record. Tailored queries such as alteration of the shared information can also be requested. You have the right to ask questions and demand from us to stop the usage of any of your data that you shared.

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